Artwork for PUT ON SPACE': PUT ON PYNK, 2018

Ink & marker on paper; photoshop edit

9" x 12"

"Your new favorite salon kick-back, PUT ON SPACE, invites you to a social soirée inspired by Janelle Monae’s latest single “PYNK” (and its awe-inspiring visuals), connecting womxn to discuss the ways in which music moves them. Not only is this an opportunity for intimidation-free networking with like minds, this is a space for femmes to enjoy themselves and build new friendships ensuring they will be seen and heard amongst their kin."


A.R.T.S Club logo, 2018

Ink & watercolor on paper; photoshop edit

9" x 12"

Architects Reshaping Thoughts of Society (A.R.T.S Club) is a collective of young thinkers, artists, entrepreneurs and activists inspiring new ways of thinking through collaboration. 

Artwork for NOT97's Season 2 Episode 1 feat. Cady Drell

Ink & marker on paper

8.5" x 11"

NOT97 is a home for discovering new music from talented, under-the-radar artists around the world. On each episode, three hosts and a guest meet around a table at Only NY to discuss fresh music found in the depths of the Internet. They present two tracks each, released in the last six to eight months from artists with under ten thousand followers. Discourse and context round out each show, as the team breaks down what they hear and what each sound means to them.